The Secretariate General of the University Councils

Mission and Vision:


  • Planning and scheduling meetings and sending meeting invitations and agendas to members of the Senate.
  • Keeping record of the meetings' proceedings and ensuring all present members have signed them prior referral for approval.
  • Preparing and following the resolutions and recommendations adopted by the Senate.
  • Ensuring that extra meeting allowances are approved and paid to the Senate members by the relevant departments.
  • Handling the Senate's incoming and outgoing correspondence.
  • Ensuring the implementation of the Senate's regulations and resolutions.
  • Ensuring full office automation and documentation of the Senate's activities.
  • Keeping record of the Senate's files and meeting proceedings.
  • Providing the academic members of staff with information about the Senate and responding to their queries, especially those made over the phone.
  • Carrying out the Senate's day-to-day operations and functions.
  •  Exercising supervision and control over all employees of the Senate Secretariat, addressing their needs and handling their affairs.